Welcome to Changed Times

Posted on November 2, 2011

After several months of considerable disturbance in the plans to start publication of this journal of science, technology, pseudo-science and outright fuitloopery the first of our articles are finally ready for release.

Each week should see one or two – perhaps more – new articles added to our collection of stories, but never fear… all our stories will remain in our archive so that you can find them at any time you come along to look for them. Initially though you may find our pages changing appearance for the first weeks or even months as we come to get used to the structure of the WordPress template chosen for the journal. There are fond hopes for what the pages will look like but at the moment that does not appear to be what we have got – hence the probability of changes over the next weeks!

Please note that to contact us you should initially use the Letters Page and comments are not normally permitted on the page where the articles appear. Even the way the Letters Page works will gradually evolve as we find the best way to work. If you have any wonderful ideas for changes, please, please drop us a line and suggest it – all the advice there is out there would be most welcome.

I hope you enjoy Changed Times and – who knows- perhaps you would even like to send a story to be printed in the journal. Contributions will always be welcome, especially since they will for now at least be unpaid!

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