Truly deeply ‘Blinded by Science’

Posted on December 14, 2011

Blinded by Science
Day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year science advances and further explains the baffling feature of the real world around us.

CERN's main site, as seen from Switzerland loo...

CERN, Geneva

Only this week, on Tuesday at a symposium in CERN, Geneva, scientists gathered to hear the latest news on searches for the elusive and possibly non-existent Higg’s boson.

Yet despite the advances of real science we find ourselves endlessly surrounded by – let’s be honest here – pretentious waffle about mysterious forces that have never been demonstrated in any scientific experiment throughout the entire history of mankind. Regardless of the complete and total nonsense these alleged “theories” – in fact just blind guesses and wild, wishful, magical thinking – day by day we find more exaples of them being peddled to the gullible and easily convinced to persuade them to part with their hard-earned money.

According to a recent example of this utter tripe, a book by the name of ‘Blinded by Science’ written by one Matthew Silverstone describes; “how vibrational energy, water, magnetism, and plants all play a crucial role in health, and how the Western scientific method as we know it has utterly failed to grasp the critical connection between the natural world and real health.”

Roger Bacon (c.1214–1294) is sometimes credite...Despite the provocative title, Mr. Silverstone has remarkably little association with actual science at all, describing himself as a “serial entrepreneur” with “a degree in economics and a masters degree in international business.” Essentially, he appears to be qualified in the quite discredited “science” of economics rather than anything else and claims that his ” countless hours of research” on which the book is based arose from his rather odd claims to scientific background.

It appears, so he claims, that his brother and father are both Professors of Medicine although we were unable to locate these august gentlemen of the medical profession. Mr Silverstone himself appears also to be remarkably quiet about his own biographical details but keen to point out that his “countless hours of research” were carried out as if “the whole idea as if it were a new business” which is surely a novel way to deal with science!

What we end up with, thanks to his efforts, is a book dedicated to showing us why all scientists are wrong and how the homeopaths and others are quite right about the magical “vibrational energy” of water affects our lives. Unsurprisingly, the book – and the audiobook, the e-book and the audio download – seem not to have been submitted for peer review as one might expect from real science. Instead they find their validity in charging the poor suckers who feel convinced enough to pay for it and help fill Mr. Silverstone’s coffers.

Not bad for someone who even describes himself as a failed millionaire!