News in Brief

Posted on March 8, 2012


Football Climate Change

Global mean surface temperature difference fro...Blogger Michael Brown decided to join in the recent fashion for climate change scepticism and collected sets of data from the real climate scientists so he could do his own statistical fiddling in in much the same way as used by the so-called “climate sceptics” out there. It appears, from his work, that every time Mancheter United appear in the FA cup over the past 11 years, they have raised the global temperature by 0.1 degrees Centigrade – he even has graphs and everythng!

With all that, it must be true – and even better, if you add in cup appearances by Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool they can explain a whopping great 180% of all global temperature change. So now we have it – climate change is caused by FA Cup football and not carbon dioxide after all. And it must be true, because he has the figures and graphs to prove it, just like the climate sceptics do. But you don’t need to believe what we say: you can pop over to his figures at United Climate and check for yourself.

Bit Extreme!

China Insurance Building (中国保险大厦), ShanghaiSpotted by New Scientist was an advertisement in their noble magazine on the 7th January this year from the well-known testing laboratory service Sina Analytica. Unfortunately, we can’t give you a link to Sina Analytica since a well-known search engine – you know the one we mean – does not find it and return a site for it.

The advert asks for a general manager who has the requisite skills and who possesses : “…strong leadership skills with a proven track record of successful execution of leading employees at various levels and cities in China.

We knew it could be tough over there in China, but it seems a little extreme!

Homeopathy for Fish

HomeopathyOne of the more unusual questions we have come across – and again thanks to New Scientist for directing our attention to the Homeopathy Plus website where such gems are to be found – concerns the curious question of treating aquaria with homeopahy. “Can fish,” the questioner asks, “be treated with homeopathy?

We are sure you will not be shocked to hear that Homeopathy Plus replies that they most certainly can. They say: “Homeopathy works with any living thing, so fish can also be successfully treated by it… Rather than trying to drop a pill down the mouth of a wriggling fish, though, there is an easier way – just medicate the water in which it swims.

Ignoring the dubious nature of the claim “homeopathy works,” we are forced to wonder if Homeopathy Plus are aware that fish do not actually drink the water they swim in, though it does pass over their gills. Also, we are forced to wonder if the treatment increases in strength when it is diuted even more than it already is by adding it to a whole tankful of water. Or perhaps Homeopathy Plus employs specialist homeopathic vetenarians specialising in fishy treatments….?