Modern Times

Posted on April 16, 2012


Following our last issue, which concentrated on our local star, this issue deals with some of the technology stars that make our modern world. One of the major problems with such an issue, we found, is that to do it even close to justice the News In Brief section grew and grew as we researched – and, to be honest, even now we could happily double or triple the size of it without covering all the news we feel should be there!

WordPressIn addition, you will note a few changes to the way we have put together the items in our brief section. This issue, each item in the news has its own section of related stories. Once again, it is one of the things we have had to struggle against the way WordPress works to get in there but we hope you will find it useful. Sadly, we could not do the same for the tags and other grouping items WordPress uses and have had to build up a single set of them for the whole section. While we can’t claim to be entirely satisfied with the result, we would very much like to hear what you, the readers, think of our efforts.

Another minor change this time is to the menu option for collecting stories from yourselves. It seems a number of people thought that the heading “Contributions” meant we wanted money from you rather than stories. To clarify that it is stories we want, this option has now been renamed “Your Stories” and hopefully will be used more often to update us with the news you find out there and would like us to report on. We will still, of course, credit you with a by-line for your story if you would like us to.

The New iPad

A 1st generation Apple iPad. This is the 32GB ...We review a couple of new items in this issue, starting with the “New iPad” which Apple have confusingly chosen not to call the iPad3 for some reason. It would be fair to say we were less than impressed with some of the new features on offer and for very good reasons. Even so, the change to a tablet format is something we still remain delighted with for daily use and will cotinue to support, even if we do tend to prefer the Android versions over the Apple. Like all these things, though, that is a matter of personal preference.

Windows 8

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...Less so is the new version of Microsoft Windows which is now available for users to preview before it goes on sale, probably sometime this summer. Unlike the iPad, which is and will always be a matter of choice to buy or not, it is a virtual certainty that anyone buying a PC in the next few years will have Windows 8 foisted upon them like it or not.

After looking at it recntly, we would have to say that we very much do not!

Pirates and Piracy

copyright infringement is badWe also take a look at a growing type of digital piracy – and this time piracy that we can’t help but feel is not piracy at all but simply common sense. In past issues, we have mentioned 3D printing before and there is no doubt that it is a growing phenomenon among hobbyists and experimenters – hackers of the old school. One thing not dealt with is the matter of where the designs come from to be printed on these machines and, it turns out, the answer is that they come from wherever they can be found, including copies of existing designs.

Is this digital piracy of “things” or is it simply innovation of which we should all be proud?

And Finally

Our last main article is very much a matter of final things, specifically of what happens to all of your digital assets when you pass way. Not only difficult to research in order to write an article, it is equally hard for the people whose loved one may have passed away and who want get hold of things that may well have been left stored on digital media in the cloud.

Surprisingly, we found that not only is it hard to manage any such assets – or even get copies of them – but the law itself is of no help either. As we all grow older, this can only become a more and more important issue.