About Us

New ScientistChanged Times is an electronic magazine concentrating on the science and technology of today – not, perhaps, a New Scientist or Scientific American of the internet but at least a smaller version.

By “smaller” we mean very much smaller with, at least initially, a staff of one editor, one reporter, one photographer, one researcher and one investigator. All of whom are the same one person!

It is impossible for that poor, overworked and stressed one person to do much more than keep up with the news rather than go out there and find out stuff the rest of the press has missed and so we would more than welcome others out there to contribute to the magazine!

Scientific AmericanThe best we can offer at the moment is your own by-line for articles you write, research you do, photographs you take and so on. For most of the time, what you will see instead is our overstressed everything staff adding articles that have been found elsewhere, such as the links to the two great magazines mentioned earlier.

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