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Modern Times

April 16, 2012


Following our last issue, which concentrated on our local star, this issue deals with some of the technology stars that make our modern world. One of the major problems with such an issue, we found, is that to do it even close to justice the News In Brief section grew and grew as we researched […]

News in Brief

April 16, 2012


Apple down, ARMS up At a time when technology giant Apple is facing huge and growing problems with its latest product, the much smaller Cambridge-based company ARM Holdings is looking like a major British success story. They have developed a new energy-saving microchip which the company claims might enable a whole new wave of internet-connected […]

Piracy gets real

April 16, 2012


February saw the launch of a new category on The Pirate Bay, a sometimes controversial file sharing site that is considered to be a source for copyright material without the annoying little feature of having to pay for it. From now on, as well as music, films, e-books and others the site now offers “physibles” […]