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Revisiting the Drake Equation

February 13, 2012


If you are one of the many, many people out there who has sat down with the Drake Equation to try and work out just how many other species there may be out there in the galaxy that we could talk to if only we could get in touch somehow, then there is some new […]

Life without a moon

November 30, 2011


Jaques Laskar and collegues of the Paris Observatory in France showed in 1993 that Earth’s moon helps to stabilise the tilt of the planet’s axis of rotation agauinst perturbations that would otherwise be caused by the planet Jupiter.

Its life Jim, but…

November 21, 2011


These days it seems that the harder we look for life the more we find it can turn up in the most unlikely of places. Here on Earth, we appear to have found it everywhere we look but even out in the wider galaxy science is leading us to places for life that were previously […]