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Modern Times

April 16, 2012


Following our last issue, which concentrated on our local star, this issue deals with some of the technology stars that make our modern world. One of the major problems with such an issue, we found, is that to do it even close to justice the News In Brief section grew and grew as we researched […]

Being of sound mind and body…

April 16, 2012


It is always a tragedy when a loved one dies, of course, and the grieving family does not usually even want to get involved in the minutae of handling the wil and distriuting the property and estate of the lost family member. But if grandad’s old war medals and collection of pocket watches are dealt […]

News In Brief

November 30, 2011


Supra-light neutrinos confirmed It seems, from initial results, that the tests on the surprising results from CERN to check the speed of neutrinos has confirmed faster than light travel. The main reported possible source of error from the first results – the long pulses used for emmission of the neutrinos – was reduced to insignificance […]