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News in Brief

April 16, 2012


Apple down, ARMS up At a time when technology giant Apple is facing huge and growing problems with its latest product, the much smaller Cambridge-based company ARM Holdings is looking like a major British success story. They have developed a new energy-saving microchip which the company claims might enable a whole new wave of internet-connected […]

Windows 8 Millenium?

April 16, 2012


Those of us with long memories may recall back in 2000 when Microsoft released a phenomenal disaster called Windows Millenium. As the last in the range of the Windows 9x series of operating systems it was in many ways similar to the familiar versions of Windows we have seen since – but was an unmitigated […]

Being of sound mind and body…

April 16, 2012


It is always a tragedy when a loved one dies, of course, and the grieving family does not usually even want to get involved in the minutae of handling the wil and distriuting the property and estate of the lost family member. But if grandad’s old war medals and collection of pocket watches are dealt […]

European Apple harvest

January 13, 2012


If the results of a recent court case in a German court are anything to go by, the Apple harvest in our European shops and perhaps beyond could fail over the coming year or more. While it may be more usual for Apple to use its patent portfolio to bully others, they have become the […]