The mad scientist is one character type freque...

Where would we all be without the glorious Feedback page at the back of New Scientist magazine to show us the wonders of such delights as fruitloopery?

Its tricky to describe the craziness inherent in fruitloopery – but it must be crazy to qualify. To give some idea of the levels of loopery these particular fruits have, follow this link to New Scientist and read a great example of it.

Sadly, though, we are all susceptible to the crazies now and then and fall for the fruitiest of the fruitlooperies – as a recent advertisement in New Scientist itself pointed out. Without going so far as taking money from the fruitloopery, there sort of is an obligation to give you a link so you can see how far the great ones can fall thanks to the demands of magazine cash flow!

Take a look at the nutters that actually managed to get an advertisement in such a respected magazine… but don’t expect them even to be named here.

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