ScienceThere is no way for Changed Times to be a journal for new papers and research – but don’t let that stop any of you letting us know about your recent work.

Since it is impossible to keep up with everything, it is important for readers to pass on science news. Just go to the Letters Pages and send details so it can be included  in the news pages. If you can include a link, so much the better! Take care not to overdo links though – too many and the host will just treat your message as junk mail.

Any aspect of science can be covered but with the different rates of change in different sciences, some are more likely to appear than others. If readers have a particular wish-list for updates, again go through the Letters Pages so we can look into it for you.

Comments on stories are welcome following the body of the article. Hopefully, this arrangement will keep Changed Times easy to find your way around!

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