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Modern Times

April 16, 2012


Following our last issue, which concentrated on our local star, this issue deals with some of the technology stars that make our modern world. One of the major problems with such an issue, we found, is that to do it even close to justice the News In Brief section grew and grew as we researched […]

Changes this issue

February 13, 2012


As we mentioned with the last issue, there have been changes here at Changed Times for this issue and more yet to come. The main change for this issue willl be the ones very few of our readers will see, although you will notice that our News In Brief section has been moved. This time […]

Six billion dollars well spent

January 13, 2012


The New Year is already turning out to be a good one for science. Already, early though it is in the lifespan of the Large hadron Collder, we can say that this massive and costly experiment is well worth the money and effort spent on it.

European Apple harvest

January 13, 2012


If the results of a recent court case in a German court are anything to go by, the Apple harvest in our European shops and perhaps beyond could fail over the coming year or more. While it may be more usual for Apple to use its patent portfolio to bully others, they have become the […]