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The Sun, the Earth and the Weather

March 8, 2012


As you may have noticed there are several differences with the issue this time. First and foremost, much of this issue is concerned with a single subject – our local star, which is heading for a peak of activity due next year. Chances are that this issue and other similar coverage will be all you […]

One with nature

January 13, 2012


Some 3 billion years ago, life on Earth is presumed to have settled down to a single source from which all life presently on the planet descended. This last universal common ancestor (known as LUCA for short) is not presumed to be the first that arose on Earth, but the last one from which every […]

Life without a moon

November 30, 2011


Jaques Laskar and collegues of the Paris Observatory in France showed in 1993 that Earth’s moon helps to stabilise the tilt of the planet’s axis of rotation agauinst perturbations that would otherwise be caused by the planet Jupiter.

Its life Jim, but…

November 21, 2011


These days it seems that the harder we look for life the more we find it can turn up in the most unlikely of places. Here on Earth, we appear to have found it everywhere we look but even out in the wider galaxy science is leading us to places for life that were previously […]

Solar Flare

November 2, 2011


Earlier in the year, in February 2011, there were a series of large solar flares that reached the Earth, At least three of these large flares, the largest for at least the last four years, not only reached the Earth, but produced some of the best sightings of the Northern Lights seen in the United […]