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Changed Times welcomes contributions from readers especially for our larger articles. Articles are published on a roughly monthly schedule so we can build a stock of articles.

Articles are currently about 1,000 words each – which means between 500 and 1,500 words. The plan is to increase the word count to a final target of about 4,000 words for our four main articles. Shorter articles should be about 200 words meaning from 100 words to a maximum of 300 words.

As we develop, this simple guide will be updated. One thing will remain the same throughout – anything you write will be published with your name as author (if you so wish) and can be used in your portfolio for further freelance work.

To submit work to us, please use the form below and paste the text of your article into the main text box. Note that you should include an article title but not picture content or the “Related Articles” section at the bottom of each article.

Article Submission Form

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