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News in Brief

April 16, 2012


Apple down, ARMS up At a time when technology giant Apple is facing huge and growing problems with its latest product, the much smaller Cambridge-based company ARM Holdings is looking like a major British success story. They have developed a new energy-saving microchip which the company claims might enable a whole new wave of internet-connected […]

Omega man

February 13, 2012


Just imagine a hard day at work. A bioogist is on his way home from work on the subway, since this is America we are talking about, and surrounded by the usual crowds of people, pickpockets and muggers. Suddenly he sneezes and his muscles start to feel stiff and cramped, his nose runs a little […]

Breast is really best

December 14, 2011


For the first time, embryonic-like stem cells have been discovered in an adult. Perhaps not surprisingly, they were found in breast milk which is about as closely associated with embryonic cells as you can get without being the embryo or the pregnant mother.

News In Brief

November 30, 2011


Supra-light neutrinos confirmed It seems, from initial results, that the tests on the surprising results from CERN to check the speed of neutrinos has confirmed faster than light travel. The main reported possible source of error from the first results – the long pulses used for emmission of the neutrinos – was reduced to insignificance […]