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Solar power gets realistic

March 8, 2012


For many years now, especially in the less glorious weather of places such as the United Kingdom, solar power has had the reputation of being expensive, inefficient and even unworkable – but that looks set to change with developments in industrial production. In some places, such as India, solar electrical power s now cheaper than […]

Massive solar storm

March 8, 2012


With superb timing for this issue, while the articles were being prepared news came of a vast solar storm heading for the Earth (Wednesday 7th March 2012 at 11:05 pm). Details can be found at the Guardian website, from which much of this article is directly drawn. Either use our link at Massive solar storm […]

The solar downside

March 8, 2012


Not all is well on the solar front, despite the plummetting costs of solar panel production during 2011 (see our article Solar power gets realistic in this issue). We may be able to look forward to more widespread use of solar power in the near future, and along with it electricity that is both cheaper […]

Earth-born Timelords

March 2, 2012


For the worriers who may read Changed Times, first a little perspective on things. Our own sun will last, as such stars do, another five to ten billion years before it finally gives up the ghost – or at least gives up the possibility of supporting a planetary lifeform such as our own. Even the […]

Early stars were smaller than thought

December 14, 2011


Rather than the bloated monsters unlike anything found in the night sky today that the first stars have long been thought to be, it now appears that they may have been less than half the size they were thought to be.

Solar Flare

November 2, 2011


Earlier in the year, in February 2011, there were a series of large solar flares that reached the Earth, At least three of these large flares, the largest for at least the last four years, not only reached the Earth, but produced some of the best sightings of the Northern Lights seen in the United […]